Happy Lines

Happy Lines 1.21

Engaging puzzle game featuring colored balls


  • Forty levels
  • Colourful graphics


  • Very repetitive

Not bad

Happy Lines is a puzzle game where the object is to make as many lines of smiley faces as you can.

The gameplay in Happy Lines involves moving colored balls (with faces) to make lines of five or more balls of the same color. You simply tap on a ball to select it, then move it to the square you desire. Be careful, because balls can only be moved if there is a clear path between its starting point and destination. It might sound complicated but it's actually not.

You can play Happy Lines in either progressive mode, where the 40 levels get increasingly difficult, or in arcade mode, where you can choose your level. You can choose to play Happy Lines with or without a time limit, depending on how difficult you want to make it for yourself.

Happy Lines challenging fun for a while, and the graphics are certainly cute and colorful. However, it does tend to get a bit repetitive.

If you're a fan of puzzle games like Columns or Tetris, then it might be worth taking a look at Happy Lines.

Happy Lines is the new engaging puzzle game with simple rules, intellectual tasks and captivating gameplay. There are several different game modes, and the constantly increasing difficulty won't let your attention drop, even for a minute!

Happy Lines is all you need to help pass the time, entertain yourself and even test your intelligence and intuition. Happy Lines offers an ideal mix of arcade and logical elements, a variety of levels, colourful graphics, ambient music, several game modes and a lot of diverse and amusing features.

It's impossible to stop yourself from falling in love with Happy Lines; just choose the game mode you prefer – compete against the clock - struggling for the precious seconds, gather your score at a leisurely pace, create the longest lines or compose the figures. Dare to master forty original levels which each completely different in rules and shape, or have fun on a level of your choice.

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Happy Lines


Happy Lines 1.21

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